Introducing Andrea Cornish.. author of 'Loss Unleashed'

When I sat down with Andrea (or shall I say 'Annie') to dive into her story, it didn't take long before she turned the tables and started firing questions to me about my life. That's one of the things I really appreciate about her – a warm and caring soul who genuinely wants to know about others. Big thanks to Annie for our heart-to-hearts and thank you for your patience getting this piece out to the world.

So, how did Annie and I connect? Enter Benny and BB, our soul dogs, and the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge 'Dogs Day Out' market in mid 2023. Annie and I clicked like two puzzle pieces, and the rest, as they say, is history.

December 2022 was a month marked by significant losses for both of us – Annie's soul dog BB and my beloved Benson. Out of that shared grief, our respective passion projects were born – The Furry Folk for me and Annie's heartfelt creation, 'Loss Unleashed.'

You might think our similarities end there, but nope. Annie and I were both juggling long-distance relationships with our partners at the time. And furthermore, during our recent chat, the universe threw us another curveball – we share the SAME birthday! Cue Annie's disbelief and her demand to see my driver's license as proof.

"Shut the f*x# up!" she exclaimed before we burst into laughter, realising we share a birthday but are a few years apart. Annie and I both believe that people and pets come into our lives for a reason, guiding us along the right path. It’s certainly true for us.

Annie's bond with BB was nothing short of magical – 14 years of adventures, crisscrossing from San Diego to LA, Detroit, back to LA, and finally landing in Australia. This extraordinary dog was a globetrotter, hopping on planes, attending work, and even leading Pilates classes. Talk about a canine overachiever!

Then came the tough part. BB fell ill with pancreatitis shortly after her arrival in Australia, and Annie had to make the heart-wrenching decision to spare her further pain. In the depths of her grief, Annie received a powerful message – write a book to help others navigating the tumultuous journey of losing a pet.

Annie had always known she would write a book, initially considering a memoir and later a children's book. To her surprise, the children's book idea hit a roadblock – 'The Rainbow Fish' beat her to it. However, BB's passing taught her profound lessons, leading to the birth of 'Loss Unleashed' – 28 affirmations designed for those grieving their furry companions.

Annie underscores the importance of finding closure and laughter amid grief. It's that delicate balance of experiencing both joy and sorrow simultaneously, where laughter and tears can coexist. 'Loss Unleashed' stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring bond between pets and their devoted owners, a reminder that even in loss, there's strength, humour, and a connection that transcends the rainbow bridge.

If you've ever felt the profound love and loss that comes with saying goodbye to a cherished pet, Annie's book, 'Loss Unleashed,' is a heartfelt companion on this emotional journey. Packed with 28 affirmations, it's a source of comfort and guidance for those navigating the intricate landscape of pet grief. Annie's personal experience and compassionate wisdom shine through, making 'Loss Unleashed' not just a book but a beacon of solace. Dive into its pages, find understanding, and discover the strength to heal. To embark on this transformative and healing journey, visit Loss Unleashed. Your heart will thank you.

** Images by Cooper Brady Photography.

Annie with beloved BB